The archtop guitar has evolved quite a bit in the last 50 years or so.  Still, It remains mostly associated with Jazz.
Since the very first day in my archtop building career,  I've always believed that this type if guitar had more to offer
than the typical mid-rangy tone associated with this type of instrument, hence my quest to come up with an archtop
that would retain some of its characteristic traditional tone but could also appeal to those who are looking
for an instrument that could also deliver a tone closer to a more traditional steel-string guitar.

Shown above is a pic of my latest prototype of an archtop guitar that , I think, is pretty close to what I had in mind years ago.
My initial objective when I started designing this instrument was to focus on improving the "acoustic tone" of
my laminated archtops. Well, it turns out that it indeed does so very well, but as a bonus, ended up as an amazinly
versatile instrument when amplified, delivering crisp highs as well as a very competent jazzy tone as the highs are rolled off.

For those interested in knowing the ins and outs of that project, you'll find more info below. But first,
here are two clips about that instrument. Note that the first clip  below (Thanks Tory!) was recorded before
I ever heard the guitar being played through an amp (second clip) ,
so that I had no idea of what the instrument would sound like when amplified!


(More Info HERE)