Model M2

 Definitely a red burst!

The 16" version of my M1. Laminate spruce top, quilted maple back and sides. Single Benedetto B6 pickup, solid ebony tailpiece, pickup ring, fingerboard. Mahogany neck: a classic!





(Leftie...) COPPER TOP

  Here's another example where I used a thin copper veneer to adorn a guitar top, here a Start-like. As in all of my guitars, everything is custom here. Solid one-piece rosewood neck, maple fingerboard, Lindy Fralin split-Blade pickups, Schaller bridge, rosewood pickup inserts and solid walnut body. A beauty!






Here she is again in a totally unique look and fitted with really unique as well Harmonic Design Z90 pickups. Maple top on a mahogany hollowed out body core. Schaller top loader bridge, custom curly maple pickup rings, Bolt-on neck, maple fingerboard. Really stunning instrument.



The Blue Siren

  To keep on with my "Blue Period", here's the Blue Siren, a 17" archtop. Want to stand up in a crowd with killer tone and good looks, that is a serious option! What does she sound like, well check her out in the video below . The original neck inlay design is from Canadian artist Michel Paquette.



In the past, I've normally used Lindy Fralin P-92's on that model. This version is fitted with Seymour-Duncan Custom Shop SH-2N/SH-4B Humbuckers. It suits her beautifully as you can hear from the clip below.


The astronomer

  When a traditional Jazz tone is called for, a full size hand carved archtop is a must! So there she is with Master grade hand carved top and back fitted with a suspended hand wound Kent Amstrong pickup. Check the slideshow to find out why I nicknamed her "The Astronomer"...