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Another 15" archtop with a full tone

This is a brand new design for me in which my traditional soundholes are replaced with a single set of holes located in the upper part of the body. Hidden under the hood is a Schaller Flagship preamp, which combined with the Fishman Piezo and the Lollar magnetic allows this instrument to deliver a huge variety of wonderfully clean tones.

Special thanks to Malcolm Puddephatt for his input into the design of this instrument.




A VERY Light archtop!

The challenge here was to build the lightest 16" archtop I could. I don't know if I've succeeded but at a tad less than 6 pds (2.2 kgs) she's indeed very light and incredibly reponsive. You can definitely feel her whan you play. Here a  clip that was recorded when the guiar was still in the white...





Mystic Bird

20th Anniverary series!

Here's the first instrument that I built to celebrate my 20th anniversary as a custom builder/luthier. Although one immediately recognizes the classical shape, this instrument is unique in many respects: eg. the use of a thin copper veneer as top material, with matching pickup rings and headstock front plate, stunning "Mystic Bird" neck inlay, rare curly oak neck, etc.






20th Anniverary series #2!

Here's the no 2 on my list of 6 for this years's celebration. Many of you will recognize a shape reminescent of the "poor man's favorite axe", the Melody Maker. But the comparison stops there: "Melodie" here takes the shape of a 16" heavily hollowed out thinline instrument with a mahogany body core and a Sitka Spruce top: Really cool tone with an amazing natural reverb...And it weighs less than 7 pds!


The Monster


Here's the 3rd one that I've built for multi-string (virtuose) guitarist Felix Martin. It features a dual fingerboard on a single massive neck. Body core is walnut as well the neck. Fingerboards are made out of (very rare) curly oak. Spalted Maple top and headstock face, EMG active electronics, Hipshot bridges and tuners: a Monster really!





Here's another version of my original "Melodie". As you may note, it's quite a different animal. Here the top is made out of bookmatched pieces of Honduras Mahogany harvested a long time ago and coming from a now mythical tree called "The Tree"!

Amazing tone and resonance: A really one-of-a-kind...