Playing with the devil

In this leftie OM, Macassar Ebony was used for  back and sides: quite a challenge to bend! But the resulting tone was rewarding: really bright and loud. Ideal for finger pickers.



Miss Abby

Cutaway OM

Here's a guitar that I recently built for young Miss Abby (see endorsers section). Rosewood back and sides, cocobolo fingerboard, custom mahogany/ MOP rosette, tree of life neck inlay. Believe me, she's being played a lot these days...






One of my first...

 From my vault !

My first decent 000... It seems like yesterday, well....almost.



the Dove

No frills here, just wood...

In this case, no fancy inlays: let the wood shine. Figured walnut back and sides, sitka top, curly koa binding throughout, Gotoh 510 tuners with ebony knobs.


cool ukes

Ukulele Fest

At some point, I was left with smaller pieces of figured walnut and curly maple: not large enough for guitars but...big enough for some tenor-size ukes. Cool little dudes...




tHe windmill

Melange des genres...

Here's a pretty exotic one that I built quite some time ago: a full-size Dread with a 3-piece quilted mahogany/maple back and quilted mahogany sides. And to spice things up a bit, I built it left-hand!