Dave Barton Signature

A 15" archtop with a full tone

I built this one for Dave Barton, our local Jazz Master. Dave would certainly tour the world if he wasn't the family man he is! Handcarved sitka top and mahogany back, wide 25" scale neck. Wood binding throughout.



the Beast (aka fm-5175)

At the other end of the spectrum...

Here's a pretty unusual archtop custom built for Felix Martin, probably the most talented multi-string guitarist in the world: a 17" full size archtop fitted with two parallel fingerboard. Check the video below to see how he handles this instrument.


Somewhere in between...

I designed this guitar for those looking for a 16" thinner archtop capable of handling not only jazz licks but heavier blues and rock as well. Lindy Fralin P-92's pickups at their best. A very popular model.



What's wrong with blue?

Here's a clip recorded at the 2011 Montreal Guitar Show. In this clip, Brice Delage test drives "Bluebird, another versatile archtop designed with the Gretsch fans in mind. TV Jones Classic pickups at their best!


Looking for a versatile archtop?

"To my knowledge, this is the first time that coil splitting is im[lemented to such an extent in an archtop guitar: thanks to Awesome-Instruments T-4 board, dozens of different tones become available at the flick of a switch.Watch Dave going through the different tones available, and Brice Delage rocking her a bit more...




Quilted Maple show off....

Here's one of the three guitars the building of which is described in my book. Seymour-Duncan pickups, quilted maple, curly koa bindings, custom cocobolo pickup rings and tailpiece. A smooth and versatile archtop in the hands of a master.

The Dark Side

Bleck is beautiful...

This is the guitar that appears on the top cover of my book. Seymour-Duncan P-Rails at work. Very versatile pickups and great tone. Finished in Gloo black lacquer.

Autumn Leaves

17" Full Size Carved archtop.

She has been one of my most precious guitars for sometime but she eventually had to go. She's now taken well care in sunny Spain by Cesar Alarcon.


A cross between an ES335 and a 330..

Free floating top and back as in a 330, but with a center hollowed out block. Lindy Fralin P-92's.Amazing sustain and note definition.