Ross Claytor

It is a marvelous experience to find a guitar that fits easily into the sound you have in your head. The experience is even more wonderful when the guitar is made by an artisan who is committed to making the playing experience as full as it can be, is charming, and possesses a wry sense of humour. Such was my experience when I visited JP Laplante’s workshop.

An article about JP in Just Jazz Guitar had intrigued me and I was interested in investigating archtops. After warning JP that I was an amateur player and not in the market for a guitar, I asked if I could visit his workshop. My wife and I arrived and JP invited us into his home and handed me a guitar. The tone was beautiful and the playability was extraordinary. I could not stop playing it. All the while, JP was telling us about his guitars, how he makes them, and the artistic process behind each one. Needless to say we returned to our East Coast home with a new guitar.

His after sale assistance and patience, on guitar care for a first time archtop owner, was as gracious as the visit to his workshop. When JP asked me what I liked about his guitar, the response was easy; the artistry, the tone, and the playability. Tne painting in the back is the work of his son Jon, I guess it runs in the family... If you want to check him out, hit this link