oliver doering

Jazz guitarist Oliver Doering works as a composer, arranger and bandleader of "Groove Poodle". Among many other activities he provides a vintage guitar YouTube channel with interesting demos and runs his own little Jazz club in Germany. On his most recent CD, Oliver plays a wide variety of guitar sounds, including smooth jazz guitar, funky electrical and bluesy semi-acoustic guitar.

Oliver Doering loves his vintage Gibson guitars and created a very distinct sound with his 1969 ES-150, a special stoptail conversion with an interesting combination of pickups. A big Wes Montgomery and George Benson fan, he studied jazz guitar in Arnhem, Holland. Over the years he played in many bands and projects: Zwiebop, Tribehouse and Doña Guarapita, to mention a few.

With his American wife he started a cultural center, art olive located in a former warehouse space in Cologne, Germany. The center contains music schools, over 100 rehearsal rooms, and a small club that organizes the monthly Soul and Jazz jam session: Orange Sunday.

Say Oliver: "I own and have played many great Jazz guitars. My main guitar is a 1967 Gibson L5 which sets the bar kind of high.Without exaggeration, I can say that the Laplante guitars, especially the 17' are some of the finest guitars I have ever played. Love the sound and playability – they are just as great as they look."

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