dan kasabowski

Dan started entertaining when he was only 9.  By age 13 he was leading backyard sing-a-longs.  At 14 he joined his first band. A year later he joined up with some school mates to form The 21st Stepp playing the top 40 to high schools in Ontario and Quebec.  In his first year at Queen's University he met up with keyboardist Tim Hallman.  40 years later he is still playing in a band with Tim.  They are joined by drummer Doug Gravelle (formerly of The Bells) to perform as the band , Spare Change.  Depending on the occasion they are also usually joined by Dan's 18 year old daughter Michelle Kaz and former Bells' lead singer, Cliff Edwards.

 Musical styles are all inclusive from Blues to Jazz and Classic Rock from the 50's, 60's, and 70's.  Even Country creeps its way into the repertoire. While basically self-taught he never misses an opportunity to learn new tricks from other players.  Even after 50 years there is always something new to make learning interesting.

Here's what Dan has  to say about Laplante Guitars and especially about his Kokopelli:

"I remember thinking the first time I saw one of JP's guitars that I would love to own one someday.  When I visited JP's workshop, " he took the time to explain the craftsmanship of his guitars.  I tried several and as soon as I played his Kokopelli archtop I was amazed at the rich quality of the sound.  He fine-tuned it for me and took me over the proper care procedures. I think I have played it every day since I bought it.

The rest of the band loves the sound it adds on our blues, jazz and old country tunes. JP's guitars are beautiful to look at and sound wonderful.  And he is a professional wanting only to make sure you have the best experience possible."

 May I add that Dan is a man, and a gentleman...