Brant Peppley (aka Dr Jazz...)

Brant has been a working musician for more than forty years playing in various bands first in Ottawa and then later in Kingston, Ontario. He evolved into the world of jazz in the mid-eighties and has played in a wide array of groups since that time including the Big Swing Band, the Ron Gilbertson Quintet, the Blue Swing Trio and various spontaneous combos too numerous to name.

His latest project has been as leader of Dr. Jazz and the Fuel Cells. The common element in all his music is 'swing'. "If it ain't got it, it don't mean a thing." With his wife Val, Brant continues to deliver swing music whenever he can fit it around his fuel cell research actvities. Says Brant: "From the first time I played The Lady in Black I felt that this guitar was made for me to deliver the message of swing."