Rob Baker

Rob Baker is a guitarist and songwriter, best known as the lead guitarist for the immensely popular Canadian rock band "The Tragically Hip" . For those outside Canada who might not have heard of this band yet,  you may want to check their really cool website (THEHIP.COM) and/or check Wilkipedia,  (a lot of stuff there...) .

Rob's style is eclectic, ranging from country influences on tracks such as "Twist My Arm" and the country styled solo on "Long Time Running", to his frequent use of slide, either on a regular electric guitar, or a lap steel. This sets him apart from many of his contemporaries, and incorporates a distinct blues sound on some tracks. He also exhibits very modern alternative styles at times ("Gift Shop"), and despite his busy schedule, managed to release two independent albums with his side project "Stripper's Union".

Rob shamelessly admits that he owns too many guitars to count! Still, he immediately felt in love with one of my Brownie Burst Archtop and, as he was bringing her back after  a few days playing her out, I asked him what what he liked about that guitar. His answer was short, but quite revealing of his passion for music: " I don't know, it just feels makes you want to play differently, explore other paths, other musical ideas... ". Needless to say he didn't want to part with her...

As seen in the pic above, Rob also felt in love with Picasso's Girl and eventually with "The Kiss" as well, and couldn't resist adding them to his precious collection of studio axes....(Many thanks to Rob for taking the time to take this pic while being on a busy tour schedule...).

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