Located in Kingston, a stone's throw from the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario,  Laplante Guitars is a "boutique" lutherie shop specializing in "one of a kind" instruments. Like a lot of small lutherie shops, its org chart is fairly simple: one owner, me, and one employee, ..me. So, whether I'm building an archtop, an acoustic, or a solid-body, each instrument gets my full attention, and the same high standards are applied to all of my projects.

This site features a selection of some of the instruments I have designed over the last 20 years or so as well as some more recent ones. Some were commissioned while others were just born out of my passion for building singing art.

I always try to keep a 2-3 month/year free for special projects. So if you have something special in mind, you're most welcome to contact me. I might just well make your dream come true...
This being said, I hope you enjoy your visit and that you find this site interesting and informative. I've loaded the site with
PICS and CLIPS so that even if you're not into shopping for a new axe, you can at least get an idea of what can be done.

Please don't hesitate to send me your comments. I'd really appreciate.


P.S. I'm the older one below