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I designed "Toxic" for those of you looking for a thinline archtop that can be used not only for these killer jazz licks but as well
in more "aggressive" styles of music where an uncluttered access to the upper part of the fingerboard is a must.
Thanks to its heavily hollowed out (but strong and light) mahogany center block,
sustain is definitely not an issue should you be concerned about that.

On the other hand, and more importantly perhaps, since both the top and back plates are here free floating,
the instrument's natural voice remains warm and woody as one would expect from an archop guitar.
As you may appreciate from the clips below, this approach results in a very versatile instrument,
definitely at home in cool blues and jazzier tones, but capable as well to handle RATM licks!
One last comment: this instrument is much lighter than most 16" thinline on the market.

For example an ES-345 typically weighs around 9.5 pounds (4.3kg)
whereas Toxic is an once or so above 6 pounds (2,7 kg).

How does it sound? Well check it out in the video below!


- Handmade by J.P.Laplante, Luthier, Kingston, On, Canada
- Double cutaway, 16 in. lower bout, 12  1/2 in. upper bout
- 2 1/4 in. body depth
- Curly maple laminate back and sides
- Spruce laminate top
- White ABS binding, b/w/b purfling
- Parallel bracing
- Ebony fingerboard, 25 in. scale
- Two-piece mahogany neck, 1 3/4 in. nut width
- String width at bridge: 2.06" (adjustable spacing)
- LMII double action truss rod
- Seymour-Duncan SH-4 (bridge), SH-2n (neck) pickups
- Hofner type ebony bridge
- 250K CTS pots, 0.022 Musicap cap
- Gotoh 510 tuners,chrome with ebony knobs
- Solid ebony pickup rings
- Ambrosia burl/ebony tailpiece & fingerrest
- Finished in high gloss dark purple gloss nitrocellulose lacquer
- Weight: 6 pds
- Gator hardshell case included.