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So welcome to my brand new website (as of April 2012). The site has been completely redesigned so that it could be viewed easily on mobile phones, tablets and of course on the thrusty old desktop station!

I'll do my best to keep it up-to-date and if you have a minute or two, let me know what you think

What's new

I've loaded this site with Pics and Clips so that you have a better idea of what can be designed and built for you.

Still, some of you are often asking me about "What I'm working on these days". Well, you'll find some answers in my new "RECENT WORK/PROJECTS" section. Again here, I'll try to keep it up to date as much as I can...

And don't forget to check my LATEST NEWS section for more available instruments, media, recent events, etc.

special request: Book


Let me first thank you, and I hope my book will help you getting through your archtop project. But if you have a minute or two, I would appreciate your comments. Please don't hesitate to send me an email or alternatively, post your comments on either Amazon, StewMac or LMII's site where this book is available.

All comments are welcome!


Here's where you want to go if you want to browse through a selection of my previous instruments: 16" and 17" Archtops, Steel-String Acoustics, and Solid Bodies.

Lots and Lots of Pics!




There you will find Clips that I've managed to record  of some of my instruments in the last few years. The vast majority of these recordings were done in my "Home Studio". So no frill recording may I add...

Still, I trust that they will give you a good idea of what my instruments sound like.


I published this book in Dec 2011 and I must admit that the response has been amazingly good so far. So, if you're toying with the idea of Building Your Own Electric Archtop Guitar, this book could definitely help you achieve your goal.An ideal companion to Bob Benedetto's classic!  

LATEST NEWS / MEDIA / FOR SALE / Guitar Shows...

  Special Projects

This section is devoted to those special projects that are not part of my regular production schedule. They are either unusual instruments, such as "The Beast", a 14-string  dual fingerboard archtop for Venezualian guitarist Felix Martin,  or as in the case of the "Feather Project", part of my "R&D" ventures into pushing the laminate archtop tone enveloppe into new territories.





II recently came to the conclusion that it was about time to add Ukuleles (mostly tenor) to my regular production! These amazing instruments are finally no longer considered as "toys" and therefore deserve all the attention to details that you'll find in my other instruments. So for those interested, here's are some examples and Click on PIc for more...